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Flags are something we all take for granted. Kind of like passports. Every country has one right? Right? Well, yea. But lets start from the beginning. First of all, what is a country? Who says that your backyard kingdom isn’t a proper nation? That in itself is a disputed topic, but generally a nation has to be recognized by other nations. Of course not every nation is recognized by every other nation so this leads to some complications. But we’re digressing too far, the reason we mention this is because flags are not a given. Every flag is not required to follow the same specifications and be a certain size or work within some preconceived framework. Did you know that the flag of Nepal is basically two triangles stacked on top of each other? And did you know that some countries have pictures of guns and weapons on their flags? Or what about the old French flag that was just blank white. That’s right, it was white and nothing else. The former Libyan flag also opted for a single color – green. This all goes to show that although flags are taken for granted, they are as unique as the countries of the world. These are 25 astounding things you never knew about flags!

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Texas is the only US state where citizens pledge allegiance to the state flag as well as the national flag

According to the United States Flag Code, the US flag cannot be used for advertising in any way

Nepal has the only non-quadrilateral flag

Of the remaining countries, Switzerland and the Vatican City are the only nations to have square flags. The rest are all non-square rectangles

Monaco and Indonesia have identical flags except for the dimensions (Monaco’s flag is narrower)

The flags of Romania and Chad differ only in the tone of blue that they use

From 1977 to 2011 the flag of Libya was the only plain flag in the world (green)

But from 1815 to 1830, the flag of France was just plain white

During the 1936 Olympics it was discovered that Liechtenstein and Haiti had the same flag (somehow nobody had noticed up to that point) and so Liechtenstein added a crown to its banner

The big star on the Chinese flag represents the Communist Party while the 4 small stars represent China’s economic classes: peasants, workers, petty bourgeoisie, and patriotic capitalists.

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